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6 Degrees by Happy Inc. is a program aimed to educate students through multicultural experiences. 

By allowing students from around the world to interact, we can shine a light on the cultural differences that are at the root of many conflicts today, not with the intention to change them, but to better understand them. 

Often times what is unknown can be negatively perceived as fear, which by definition, is triggered by a perceived threat.

By connecting different cultures, what was once foreign and unknown, becomes more familiar and less of a threat.

As Mark Twain said, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”; not only does traveling put one’s place in the world into perspective, but it also introduces them to opportunities they otherwise may have never known.

To make the world a better place, we must start with tomorrow's leaders.

Advisory Board


Camronn Weiny

Camronn purchased his first investment property at 22 years old and by 28 he is able to base decisions from a non-financial obligatory position. His passion for helping others and being a part of something bigger is what drives him today.


Anton de Groot van Embden

Studying physics at the University of York in England, Anton has achieved many intellectual accomplishments, including being a finalist in an Imperial school science competitions throughout London. Priding himself on his work ethic and persistence, Anton is passionate about putting the pieces together and solving complex situations.


Chris Sullivan

Certified Public Accountant
A captain, member and former school record holder of the varsity swim team, Chris graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in finance. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Chris continued his education at the University of Southern California earning a Master's of Accounting degree. He then went on to earn his CPA while working for four years in Ernst & Young's audit practice. He now has three years of experience as a restructuring professional in Alvarez & Marsal's NACR group. Chris maintains an active California CPA license.


John Humphreville

Real Estate Attorney
Retired partner in real estate law after 35 years of practice. John worked as an attorney for the Department of Justice for both Presidents Reagan and Bush.


Andrea Sanchez

At the age of 14 Andrea was introduced to the world of business. She began buying swimsuits abroad and created an e-commerce website which lead to a keen understanding of web design and marketing. Today, she has her own marketing agency where she applies her passion in helping others materialize their visions.